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 Take a Break from the summer sun and come dance with us each morning for a week (or more) this summer.  Summer classes are great for catching up on technique.  Come join us, and get to know how it feels to get up and dance each day with new and fun classes to get you going. 

Summer camp schedule 2014

WEEK  (STUDIO A) (Beg/Intermediate Levesl)  CAMP & TITLE & TIME                                    FEES

July 7-10                                  CAMP 1-A/ Dance It All!  Teacher =Bekah Staub (10:00-1:00)       $220

                                                 (Beginning/II & III Levels - Ballet, Jazz, & Tap) ages 7 & Up


July 14-17                                            CAMP 2-A/ (9:30-1:30) Teacher=Kallyn Rand                   $250

                                    (Hip Hop, Broadway Jazz III-IV, Ballet III & Strength Training) ages 9 & Up


July 21-24                                            CAMP 3-A / = Kallyn Rand(9:30-1:30)                              $250

             (Ballet III-IV & Pointe Strength, Hip Hop/ Jazz/Turns & Leaps/Broadway style Tap III-IV) ages 9 & Up


July 28-31                                CAMP 4-A Teachers= Colleen Clegg & Kallyn Rand                           $250

                                                (Ballet III-IV, Int. Modern, Jazz III-IV, Hip Hop) ages 9 & Up


WEEK  (STUDIO B) (Int/Advanced Levels)    CAMP & TITLE & TIME                              FEES  

June 7-10                                 CAMP 1-B/ (9:30-1:30) Teachers=Colleen Clegg                             $250

                         (Adv. Ballet IV-V, & Pointe/ Adv. Turns & Leaps/Improv./Choreography/ Adv. Modern) ages 12 & Up


July 14-17                                CAMP 2-B / (9:30-1:30) Teacher=Colleen                                     $250

                                    (Adv. Jazz, Tap, Ballet Center & Pointe Strength/ Adv. Lyrical) ages 12 & Up


July 21-24                                CAMP 3-B/ Teacher=Colleen (9:30-1:30)                                      $250

                         (Adv. Lyrical, Adv. Jazz, Improv./Choreography, Adv. Turns & Leaps &Strength Training) ages 12 & Up


July 28-31                                CAMP 4-B/ Teachers= Colleen Clegg & Kallyn Rand (9:30-1:30)       $250

                                    (Adv. Modern, Turns & Leaps & Lyrical, Hip Hop, Strength Training) ages 12 & Up


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