Core Beliefs


  • Peaceful, kind studio.  No fighting and no bullying or negative comments about others.  No fighting among students, staff, or parents.  Many times the fighting comes from studios that compete for who is best or who gets a certain role, minimizing the ego and supporting the spirit is what makes our studio happy.
  • Dance is an art form that speaks to the spirit, not the ego.  This studio is aligned with beautiful dances that come from the heart.  This studio is not about:   who got first place; who is better than someone else;  who can do more turns or tricks; who will win on some show (which is all up to fate and different pathways that anyone can take – not just who is the best).   Dance performed on stage is a group effort (not individual).   My dance studio is designed to teach the love of dance and learning it for future use, i.e. scholarships to colleges, becoming a dance teacher or dance education or dance therapist.  (see below the dancers that have gone on to do more from this studio)
  • Support for everyone in the dance room.  Applauding good effort for your dance friends/team when they accomplish a goal or gain in their dance technique
  • A winning combination is 50/50.  That means 50% teacher/choreographer and 50% dancer.  We can train and give the movements and the dancer has to work hard, take it in, and create from that to present their talents.  Never forget where you came from and who helped you get there.  I put my heart in to each student and teach them with support, as do all my teachers at the studio, and that is an honor that should be recognized by the student.
  • It has been said that people may not remember the dance moves, or the dance technique they learned, but they will always remember how it felt.  I do not want dancers from my studio to look back when they are older and think that they hated dance class and how mean everyone was to them.  I want dancers from my studio to feel proud and happy about their dance ability and to know that they were loved and cared for while they were learning the art of dance.
  • It is important that the students that I teach remain humble.  There is nothing worse than ego driven students that think they know everything and have nothing to learn or reach for.  Being humble is wise in the dance world.  There is always something to learn, something that can be done better, or something to do to bring your performance to a higher level.  Anyone who is full of ego and thinking they can be better and do better than everyone else is sadly mistaken.  The best dancers remain humble and true to their heart while constantly learning and growing.
  • It is important that dancers from this studio are respectful:  1) to their teachers, 2) to each other, 3) to the dance form they are learning, i.e. ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop or lyrical honoring each dance form and the history of each and the famous role models for each, 4) to the studio and the space that is provided for learning.